I'm an Interaction and Product Designer. I was born and raised in Australia. Instead of wrestling crocodiles, I spent my youth building things like math games for my little sister in QBASIC, and reverse-engineering a 'Magic Eye' stereo-image processor in Turbo Pascal.

Like many in our field, I followed the liberal arts. I've a Bachelor's degree with a major in Music Composition and a minor in Sound Production. You can think of that as writing symphonies and adding more cowbell.  I started my career doing sound design and interaction design as part of indie Mac company plasq.com, best known for Comic Life.

As part of that remote company, we developed Skitch, an image markup tool. I was part of the team that split off to continue developing that until we were acquired by Evernote, which is when I moved Austin, Texas. At Evernote I worked on bringing Skitch to many platforms. I also worked on Scannable, a really nice document-scanning app.

My most recent work has been at Sunflower-Labs, a smart home + drone company based in California and Z├╝rich.

Take a look: Visualization work